Cortez Works! has opened its doors on Main Street in Downtown Cortez!
Work at home or out of your car? Working on a business plan or the great American novel?
Come cowork with other like-minded people in our attractive and comfortable surroundings.
Wi Fi, Coffee and Collaboration

        "Coworking spaces create 'Assisted Serendipity!"

- Entrepreneur Magazine

Coworking provides a supportive, serviced office with no lease necessary. People around the USA (and around the world) are taking advantage of this low-cost alternative to leasing office space. The creative environment fosters ideation and provides peer-to-peer support as well as acting as a clearinghouse of information for business ventures and the facilitation of startups. Freelance workers, independent entrepreneurs and not-for-profits in Cortez need a place to work, be stimulated, and meet with clients and partners.

"Ready to get out of the basement and into a real office?

Before you strike out on your own and get locked into a lease, consider a coworking space.
They're more affordable, full of start-up geeks like you

and probably cooler than any office your start-up could afford."

- Inc. Magazine